Trail running adventure and nature experience in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Trail running adventure and nature experience in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Trail running in Salzburg’s Pongau region, also known as off-road running, is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to running on asphalt or treadmills, trail running takes place on unpaved paths such as forest trails, meadows and gravel tracks. The trail routes are therefore varied nature experiences and work a wide varity of muscle groups, as obstacles such as roots and stones have to be overcome.

Salzburger Land is not only an ideal vacation destination for families and those seeking relaxation, but also a paradise for trail runners in beautiful Pongau mountains. Around Hofgut Wagrain, there are a variety of breathtaking trails with different levels of difficulty that will make every runner’s heart beat faster.

Triathleten beim Lauftraining im Trainingcamp im Hofgut Wagrain. Zwi Sportler laufen über einen Wiese bergauf.

The most beautiful trails around Hofgut Wagrain in Salzburger Land:

Host and qualified running coach Alois Wurzenrainer has put together his personal favorite routes for you and is happy to share them with you.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, everyone will find the right route here in the Salzburg mountains. The marked trails in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region lead through forests, meadows and across alpine pastures. From gentle hills to challenging climbs in the mountains, everything is included.

6.9km – 116 hm ascent – 118 hm descent – start from Hofgut
Classic running route from the Hofgut Apartment Resort. Along the cycle path eastwards to Moadörfl. From here it goes on the other side of the valley over beautiful forest roads in the forest and later along the Schwaighofbach back to the Hofgut.
Trail: Genigaulauf

Gipfel und Grade Trail
8.5km – 196 metres ascent – 1062 metres descent – start from the Flying Mozart mountain station
Absolute highlight trail with a dream summit panorama. Starting from the Flying Mozart mountain station (see cable car operating times), this trail leads over the Grieskareck, past the Saukarfunktel and Ahornkopf to the Schüttalm. From here, your calves will be burning or you can switch to walking mode. The destination is the valley station in Kleinarl, from where you can take the hiking bus back to the Flying Mozart valley station.

Note: The route is partly in the high mountains. Always take a hiking map as well as suitable clothing, sufficient drinks and first aid material with you .
Trail: Gipfel und Grade Trail

Hofgut Lauf
2.9 km – 66 m ascent – 69 m descent – start at the Hofgut Resort
Short and easy loop in Wagrain. An ideal complement to the sports activities on offer at the Hofgut.
Trail: Hofgut Lauf

5km – 239 metres ascent – 247 metres descent – start at the the Hofgut Resort
Challenging pleasure run from the Hofgut Hotel. The majority of the ascent via the Öbrist estate road is best tackled in walking mode right at the start of the loop. Through the Holleregg forest the route leads back down into the valley to the fire station and along the promenade alongside the stream back to the Hofgut. Very varied.
Trail: Hollereggrunde

Jägersee Lauf
12.4km – 118 metres ascent – 120 metres descent – start from Kleinarl valley station.
Moderately strenuous, medium-length route from the centre of Kleinarl towards the end of the valley to the Jägersee nature reserve with a loop.
Trail: Jägersee Lauf

Niederberg Trail
10.8 km – 393 m ascent – 395 m descent – start at the Hofgut Resort
The small wooded ridge to the south of the Hofgut grounds is the Niederberg. This extensive trail circuit circles our small local mountain with varied sections. Past the reservoir, Edelweißalm and through the larch forest back to the Hofgut.
Trail: Niederberg Trail

Öbrist Trail Challenge
12.1 km – 500 m ascent – 500 m descent – start at the Hofgut Resort
As the name suggests, this route is a challenge with demanding passages. The first third of the route leads along the asphalted mountain path towards the Wagrainer Alm, from there it goes off-road, around the Öbristkopf and along wonderful trails towards the centre of Wagrain. The way back leads via the promenade along the stream to Hofgut Wagrain.

Note: The route runs partly on less frequented paths. Always take a hiking map, suitable clothing, sufficient drinks and first aid material with you.
Trail: Öbrist Trail Challenge

22.8km – 1409m ascent – 1409m descent – start from Jägersee car park

More is not possible. Very long and challenging mountain run. An absolute highlight trail with a fantastic summit panorama. From the Jägersee car park first head north and over the Klaussattel, Draugsteintörl to the Tappenkarsee. Descent to the Schwabalm and back to the Jägersee.

Note: The route runs mainly in the high mountains. Always take a hiking map with you as well as suitable clothing, sufficient drinks and first aid material.
Trail: Tappenkarsee

Alois’s tip: Simply download the GPX files to your sports watch and off you go.

Triathleten beim Lauftraining im Trainingcamp im Hofgut Wagrain.  

Trail running for beginners:

If you want to start trail running, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Start slowly: start with short distances and gradually increase the distance and intensity.
  • Run with a partner: This makes running more fun and makes you feel safer.
  • Wear suitable shoes: Trail running shoes have a deep tread and offer good grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Take enough water with you: Trail running is sweaty. It is therefore important to drink plenty to avoid dehydration.
  • Find out about the route: Find out about the route and weather conditions before the run.
  • Listen to your body: Pay attention to your body and take breaks when you are tired.

The guided tours with our running coach in the weekly guest programme are also suitable for the perfect start. This way you can discover the most beautiful trails in the region and meet new people at the same time.


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