Living sustainability on holiday

Co2-saving holidays at the Hofgut Apartment & Lifestyle Resort Wagrain

At our lifestyle resort, we not only want to offer you an unforgettable stay, but also demonstrate our deep connection with the region and our commitment to sustainability. Our vision is to create a resort that exists in harmony with nature and the community. We are therefore committed to conserving natural resources and minimising our environmental footprint.

Sustainable holidays in Wagrain

At the Apartment & Lifestyle Resort, it is important to us to actively contribute to the promotion of sustainable holiday experiences. We have therefore decided to establish ourselves as a green destination and to drive continuous operational developments in the area of sustainability. The following criteria were examined and evaluated in detail:

  • Local community
  • Good employment
  • Energy saving and CO2 reduction
  • Water saving
  • Avoidance of waste and plastic
  • Reduced environmental pollution and noise pollution
  • Green products and corporate culture
  • Nature, landscape and animals
  • Culture and identity of the place
  • Management and information
Certification of Green Destinations
Emission-free travelling

Environmentally friendly journey
with the electric car

Planning a CO2-saving journey by electric car is a great way to minimise the environmental impact of your trip. Here you will find an overview of all charging stations for your journey to us. There are also two 11 kW e-charging stations directly at the resort.

Environmentally friendly on rails

Sustainable journey
by train

Book your train ticket now and conveniently reserve the OEBB luggage drop-off service.

You can book your pick-up from St. Johann im Pongau or Radstadt railway station to Wagrain free of charge via the Hofgut reception. We kindly ask you to pre-book a few days before arrival.

For local mobility, the hiking bus is available in summer (€ 1.- each way) and the free ski bus in winter. The bus stop is located directly at the resort.

Hofgut Apartment & Lifestyle Resort Bahnanreise
E-mobility for hire

Flexible on the road with our e-car hire service

From May 2024, we will be offering you an environmentally friendly alternative with our Hofgut e-car hire. With no harmful emissions, the e-car enables flexible and convenient transfers into the city or to various excursion destinations. Enjoy environmentally conscious mobility directly from our resort and ask at reception about the availability of the e-car.

  • Half day 07:00-11:00 (up to 100km)
    Hotel guest: € 90,00
    Hotel guest travelling by public transport: € 70.00
    (30 cent per additional km)
  • Half day 14:00-20:00 (up to 140km)
    Hotel guest: € 120.00
    Hotel guest travelling by public transport: € 95.00
    (30 cents per additional km)
  • Full day 07:00-20:00 (up to 200km)
    Hotel guest: € 170.00
    Hotel guest travelling by public transport: € 130.00
    (30 cents per additional km)
Electrifying nature experiences

Discover the surrounding area with our e-bikes

The Hofgut e-bikes offer a unique discovery experience, even for less experienced cyclists. The hire service offers flexibility and independence in route planning and creates freedom for spontaneous explorations. Discover e-bike tours in the surrounding area in our blog.

more e-bike tours

“What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.”

Immerse yourself in our Hofgut sustainability philosophy and learn about our principles for sustainable development:

Sustainable flats

The Hofgut Apartments offer exclusive furnishings with high-quality solid wood floors and wooden wall panels. Our commitment to ecological responsibility is reflected in the selection of sustainable building materials, whereby we prefer to work with companies from the region. The interior design combines comfort and environmental friendliness, while we consistently focus on avoiding plastic. We also attach great importance to recycling and waste separation in order to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Energy generation through renewable energy

Our heat is supplied via the hotel’s own local heating network. Two wood chip heating systems and a pellet heating system have been combined to form a heating ring and, depending on the heat requirement, the systems can be ramped up in stages to 220 kW, 150 kW and 120 kW. This enables extremely efficient utilisation of wood biomass and also guarantees a high level of reliability. The material is sourced exclusively from local or regional suppliers with short delivery routes.

The existing PV system on the house roofs with 97.58 kwp will be supplemented in spring 2024 with a 98.2 kWp open-space system. Around 40% of the Hofgut electricity requirements will therefore be covered by its own production. The remaining electricity requirements will be supplied by Salzburg AG. The electricity mix is made up of 100% renewable energy such as hydropower (88.22), wind energy (8.09), solar energy (1.49) and other green energy.

The wellness area naturally has a particularly high heating requirement. In addition to excellent insulation, we rely on intensive heat recovery from the ventilation systems. More than 85% of the heat used is extracted from the exhaust air and transferred to the fresh air.

From the region to your plate

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our restaurant vaMoos follows a strictly regional approach. With a network of over 20 regional producers, we are supplied with fresh, high-quality ingredients every week – from vegetables to meat, milk, cheese, bread, eggs, flour, fish and much more. This allows you to experience the flavours of Salzburger Land. This makes vaMoos the place to go for anyone who wants to enjoy a different and, above all, regional flavour. Incidentally, the dishes at vaMoos are flavoured with herbs from the Hofgut herb garden.

Our contribution to waste avoidance

In addition to separating waste, we attach great importance to avoiding plastic. Even at breakfast, we consistently avoid disposable packaging. Our guests enjoy homemade jams, for example, which are not only delicious but also come without unnecessary packaging material.

To encourage our guests to avoid plastic, compostable coffee capsules and water carafes are provided in all apartments. Our drinking water comes from our own wells.

Sustainable shopping in the Hofgut Shop

We also focus on regionality in the Hofgut Shop. In addition to food from Pongau and fresh dishes from our restaurant vaMoos for a high-quality, quick meal in your apartment, you will also find homemade handicrafts from talented partners and small businesses from the region. As a partner of “Too Good To Go”, we avoid waste and reduce CO2 emissions every day.

Natural diversity at the Hofgut

The Hofgut garden not only serve as an oasis of well-being for our guests, but also as a natural habitat for bumblebees, butterflies and numerous other inhabitants of nature. With our bee meadow, we create a sustainable source of food for them.

Book your stay

Early Fix Booking

Book your holiday at the best price. The Fix Booking Rate cannot be cancelled!

A 30% deposit is charged on booking, the balance is paid on site. In the event of cancellation, 90% of the travel costs will be charged. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

Flex Booking

Do you love flexibility? The Flex Booking Rate can be cancelled free of charge up to 30 days in advance!

A 30% deposit will be charged at the time of booking, which will be refunded in the event of cancellation up to 30 days in advance. If you cancel later, 90% of the travel costs will be charged.

Super Flex Booking

If you want to be completely flexible, the Super Flex Rate is just right for you.

The Super Flex Booking Rate can be cancelled free of charge up to 3 days before arrival! A 30% deposit will be charged at the time of booking, which will be refunded in the event of cancellation up to 3 days before arrival. If you cancel later, 90% of the travel price will be charged.