Trail running at the Hofgut Wagrain

Active recreation on a running holiday
in the mountains

Do you always carry your running shoes with you? Great, because right in front of our resort there are numerous routes for running and walking. But that’s not all: with us at Hofgut Wagrain, experienced trainers are on hand to show you the best routes and tell you the right technique for your training success. Go through an alpine trail running adventure during your active holiday at the Hofgut Apartment & Lifestyle Resort in the Salzburg mountains.

Trailrunning package

“Chase the experience, not the pulse.”

Trail running is a form of cross-country running that is suitable for almost every fitness level. Combining the running session with fascinating nature experiences is the very special attraction. Of course, trail running can also be very demanding. Long uphill sections or difficult downhill trails over roots and gravel. But trail running can also be a leisurely endurance run along the banks of a stream. Brilliant trails over peaks and grades are the pinnacle of the sport and a must-have at multi-day events. Trail running, by the way, is also a lot of walking. Because on uphill sections, it’s much more economical than running and almost as fast. No matter what level.

So that the booked service draws a smile on your face, we differentiate:

Do you enjoy being out on your own in the mountains? We are happy to offer you trail running routes as GPX files. Use the Alpenvereinaktiv app with integrated automatic navigation and headphones to find your way. If you would like personal advice, an experienced running coach from the Hofgut is at your disposal. In addition, we will take care of your outward and return transfers so that you can enjoy your time in the mountains without any worries.

Children naturally show a love of movement. That’s why we give the age groups 7-12 years and 13-15 years a first experience in trail running. With a guide, skill trails are mastered, small streams are crossed, coordination ladders are used and correct falling and rolling are practised. The focus here is on the obstacle course, not the distance, and the session lasts a maximum of 50 minutes.

The classification into different difficulty levels for adults depends on objective factors such as trail conditions and temperature as well as subjective elements such as individual fitness, current condition and training frequency. We therefore distinguish between 3 levels.

You are not sure? The Hofgut running trainers have no medical training. Ask your doctor or take a sports medicine test with a sports doctor. You don’t know your maximum heart rate? The rule of thumb for maximum heart rate is 220 minus.

You are able to run continuously between 5 and 7 kilometres at your own pace. You can cover a 10 km distance on level ground, either walking or jogging, in a time of 70 to 75 minutes. Even on relaxed walks, you will manage an elevation gain of 500 metres in the basic endurance range (in the intensity range of 60-75% of your maximum heart rate). Experience in cross-country running is not required.

You cover a distance of 10 km on level ground in a time of 60 to 65 minutes. Occasionally, you also complete training sessions on several days per week. Even during relaxed hikes, you can master an altitude difference of 900 metres in the basic endurance range (at an intensity of 60-75% of your maximum heart rate). During a long run, you will be able to cover distances of 10 to 15 kilometres. While initial experience of cross-country running is helpful, it is not essential. You can manage longer mountain sections.

You can cover a distance of 10 km on flat terrain in a time frame of 55 to 60 minutes. Your training occasionally extends over several days per week. Even on relaxed walks, you will cover an altitude difference of 1200 metres in the basic endurance range (at an intensity of 60-75% of your maximum heart rate). With additional training, you could complete a half marathon on the road. Occasionally tackle trails in the mountains, with longer downhill runs also feasible for you.

You can cover a distance of 10 km on flat terrain in a time of 45 to 50 minutes. As an avid trail runner, you regularly cover considerable distances on the most challenging trails. At trail events, do you sometimes run a race of 15-20 kilometres or more? Unfortunately, we have to pass on that at the moment. But we are working on future offers.

If you are a company or group with a passion for running and are looking for a trail running experience in the mountains to strengthen the team spirit, do not hesitate to contact us.

Trail running paradise Wagrain-Kleinarl

Trail running paradise

Nestled between the majestic Radstädter Tauern and the picturesque Pongau Grasberge, the Wagrain-Kleinarl region offers a remarkable variety of trails that can hardly be found elsewhere. The predominant trails are characterised by their earthy, flowing character, while they lead through dense forests, lush meadows and grass-covered mountain flanks. These trails are occasionally intersected by peaks with rocky sections that offer breathtaking views into the surrounding valleys as well as to the majestic mountain ranges of the neighbouring regions.

Trailrunning package

Nature and action in Salzburger Land

Apartments for athletes

Are you not only looking for a holiday destination with a wide range of sports and relaxation opportunities and excursion destinations, but also for an exciting guided trail running experience? Then the holiday apartments at the Hofgut are just the right place for you.

After an eventful day on the trails, you can relax in our comfortable flats and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. Let yourself be pampered by our excellent service in the  restaurant vaMoos and recharge your batteries for your next trail running adventure.

Feel freedom as a sportsperson