Apartments at Hofgut Wagrain

Your lifestyle, your apartment

Find the ideal home for your time out at the Hofgut Apartment & Lifestyle Resort. Families and friends will experience maximum comfort and stylish furnishings in our modern apartments.


Variety of apartments

Apartment overview

Choose your lifestyle apartment from 41 apartments in six categories: Budget, Studio, Trend, Style, Lux and Penthouse.

Enjoy luxury living and well-being in the newly built penthouse design flats.

In this feel-good oasis with terrace and free-standing bathtub in the bedroom, you can enjoy high-quality interior design with natural materials and solid wood floors. The penthouse flats are available in 4-room and 5-room versions.

Experience the unique holiday atmosphere in our Lux Apartments.

In the 3-room and 4-room Lux Apartments you can relax in a luxurious design. The lovingly designed flats with high-quality materials such as real wood, cosy beds and exquisite home accessories invite you to feel at home.

Holiday together and experience individuality. In the Suite Apartment in the Austrian Alps, you not only experience an individual holiday, but also even more comfort.

In the Suite Apartments, each bedroom has its own bathroom and the cosy eat-in kitchen offers space for spending time together. The Suite Apartments can be booked as a 3-room, 4-room or 5-room flat.

A dream holiday is happiness & freedom for the whole family.

Depending on their size, the Trend Apartments have one or two bedrooms, a children’s bunk and a shared bathroom. Experience unforgettable moments in your 3-room or 4-room Trend Apartment.

The modern studios with children’s bunk are ideal for guests with small children thanks to their cosy atmosphere.

The 2-room Studio Apartments with living room/bedroom and children’s bunk invite you to linger and relax for up to 2 adults and 2 children. With a size of 45 m², the studio flats are north-facing, mountain-facing and street-facing.

The Budget Apartment with an area of 58m² is perfect for families or couples.

The 3-room Budget Apartment has a cosy children’s bunk as a retreat, as well as a large bedroom for two adults and another child. This flat has no balcony and is located on the ground floor on the north side.

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Seasons 2024:
Season 2 2024:

13.07.24 – 23.08.24

Season 3 2024:

30.03.24 – 05.04.24, 29.06.24– 12.07.24,
24.08.24– 30.08.24

Season 4 2024:

08.05.24 – 11.05.24, 18.05.24 – 01.06.24,
22.06.24 – 28.06.24, 31.08.24– 06.09.24,
26.10.24– 02.11.24

Season 5 2024:

06.04.24 – 13.04.24, 02.06.24 – 21.06.24,
12.10.24 – 25.10.24, 03.11.24– 09.11.24

Season 6 2024:

12.05.24 – 17.05.24, 07.09.24 – 11.10.24

Seasons 2025:
TOP Season 2025 :

28.12. – 05.01.25

Season 1 2025:

21.12. – 27.12.24, 01.02. – 07.03.25

Season 2 2025 :

12.07. – 22.08.25

Season 3 2025 :

06.01. – 31.01.25, 08.03. – 21.03.25, 05.04. – 21.04.25, 28.06. – 11.07.25, 23.08. – 29.08.25

Season 4 2025 :

22.03. – 04.04.25, 29.05. – 31.05.25, 07.06. – 20.06.25, 30.08. – 05.09.25, 25.10. – 02.11.25

Season 5 2025 :

04.12. – 20.12.24, 21.06. – 27.06.25, 06.09. – 12.09.25, 11.10. – 24.10.25

Season 6 2025 :

16.05. – 28.05.25, 01.06. – 06.06.25, 13.09. – 10.10.25

Bookable extras

Everything can and nothing has to be

Decide individually how you want your holiday to look. Only do what you really enjoy on holiday and save money in the process. Everything can and nothing must, that’s real freedom on your holiday at the Hofgut in Wagrain.

Winter holiday experiences
Summer holiday experiences
Bookable extras

Included services

Less luggage, more freedom

Pack the most important things for your holiday, your favourite people.
Almost everything else is on site.

  • 1 towel, 1 bath towel and 1 sauna towel per person
  • tea towels and dishwasher tablets
  • bin liners
  • toilet paper
  • fully equipped kitchen with cutlery, crockery etc.
  • crib
  • fall-out protection
  • high chair
  • changing mat
  • step stool
  • diaper pail
  • babymonitor-app for your mobile phone
  • fully equipped kitchen in each apartment
  • baby crockery & cutlery
  • electric kettle

Do not hesitate to contact us if something is still missing. We will do our best.

Feel freedom as a family

Book your holiday

Fixed Booking

Book your holiday at the best price. The Fixed Booking rate cannot be cancelled!

A 30% deposit will be charged upon booking, with the balance to be paid on site. In case of cancellation, 90% of the holiday costs will be charged. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

Flexi Booking

You love flexibility? The Flexi Booking rate can be cancelled free of charge up to 30 days in advance!

A 30% deposit will be charged upon booking, which will be refunded in case of cancellation up to 30 days in advance. If you cancel later, 90% of the holiday costs will be charged.

Super Flexi Booking

If you want to be completely flexible, the Super Flexi rate is just right for you.

The Super Flexi Booking rate can be cancelled free of charge up to 3 days before arrival! A 30% deposit is charged at the time of booking, which is refundable in the event of cancellation up to 3 days prior to arrival. If you cancel later, 90% of the holiday price will be charged.