Hofgut triathlon camp for active vacationers

Triathlon camp at the Apartment & Lifestyle Resort with Niclas Baldauf

Attention triathletes – experience a unique triathlon camp in Wagrain with trainer Niclas Baldauf. At the Hofgut Apartment & Lifestyle Resort you will receive professional coaching and enjoy optimal training conditions for swimming, cycling and running. After training, a sauna and wellness area and excellent catering await you. Train together with a former professional triathlete and experience sport in a unique environment, ideal for ambitious amateur athletes and triathletes who want to put the finishing touches to their training for upcoming competitions.

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Training week with structured triathlon planning

Set the optimal training stimuli in our triathlon camp from 08 June to 16 June 2024

Experience perfect triathlon training days in the heart of the Salzburg Sportwelt that appeal to both body and mind. Look forward to a training week with structured triathlon planning for sports enthusiasts and ambitious amateur triathletes.

The Hofgut 25m sports pool is ideal for targeted power training. We improve swimming performance with targeted swimming units. Crawl experience is a prerequisite.

Improve your cycling performance with targeted cycling sessions. Various routes and distances in the Salzburg Alps are explored in a group. We offer cycling safety training before the first tour. Special units, such as strength endurance and intervals, promote performance. Of course, there will also be plenty of free cycling in a fantastic setting with a stop for refreshments.

After basic units, running technique is optimized, energy is conserved and speed is increased in progression runs over summits and gradients on various surfaces. A continuous running time of at least 20 minutes is required to take part in the group runs.

Train the transition between the three triathlon disciplines in a transition training adapted to your performance level. Niclas Baldauf shows you how to master a fast transition and successfully complete the triathlon.

The week ends with a mini triathlon so that you are perfectly prepared for the start of the competition season. You will receive helpful tips on competition strategies and catering from a professional.

Athletic training, swim training with warm-up and pull-rope training, mobile rotation training, core strength training, triathlon-specific strength training and an inspiring talk about Niclas Balsauf’s personal story. Discover your body and the optimal training zones, and learn about the importance of a balanced diet.

For an additional charge, you can book a video analysis (swimming/running) to refine your technique.

If you are a triathlete and will soon be at the starting line of a competition and want to prepare specifically for it, then the training camp at Hofgut Wagrain is perfect for you. We adapt the training to your performance level so that you are not overchallenged, but also not underchallenged. We do not focus on volume, but on targeted and specific triathlon units.

Trainingsguide Niclas Baldauf

As part of the Hofgut triathlon camp, Niclas Baldauf, coach and former professional, will be on hand to offer you his personal expertise. The training week at the Hofgut offers a unique opportunity for targeted training and a sporting exchange.

  • Triathlon training under the guidance of Niclas Baldauf
  • Training plan and insights into proven training methods
  • Apartments for 2-10 people
  • Restaurant vaMoos & Pizza Take-away
  • Adults-Only sauna area 
  • heated 25m sports pool
  • Fitness room with cardio & strength equipment
  • Running & cycling training routes from the hotel and in the region
Book a triathlon training week