Snowshoeing in the wintery Wagrain-Kleinarl

Tracks in the snow while snowshoeing

Immerse yourself in nature with the trendy winter sport of snowshoeing:

The cold season has its very own magic, especially in the snow-covered mountains of Wagrain. Away from the usual tourism, at the Hofgut Apartment and Lifestyle Resort we offer a unique opportunity to explore the winter landscape in a relaxed way – by snowshoeing.

This active yet tranquil activity not only provides an escape from everyday life, but also the opportunity to experience complete freedom and tranquillity away from the beaten track.

The magic of snowshoe hiking:

Snowshoeing is not just a physical activity, but also a mental break. The steady rhythm of the steps, the crunching of the snow under your snowshoes and the clear mountain air have a calming effect on all the senses. In harmony with nature, you can switch off, clear your head and intensively experience the beauty of the wintry surroundings.


Our best tips for snowshoe hiking:

Snowshoeing is neither particularly difficult nor does it require a long learning curve. However, one day is rarely the same as the next and the conditions change quickly from powder snow to wet snow, firn, hard snow or ice. A route that could be mastered in 2 hours the day before can become a real challenge the following day. Fog or snowfall can also quickly lead to disorientation.

In Wagrain-Kleinarl and in the region there are numerous marked routes or forest and meadow paths not far from inhabited areas.

It is best to only go into the alpine area with certified mountain guides, who are also trained in avalanche risk.


The right equipment for your carefree winter experience:

Choosing the right equipment plays a crucial role in snowshoeing. Here at the Hofgut, we always make sure that our guests are well prepared. You are welcome to hire adjustable snowshoes in sizes 37-45 from us. You can also hire poles and rucksacks from us.

We recommend that you wear sturdy, high winter boots and long, waterproof trousers such as ski trousers or ski touring or cross-country skiing trousers that can be pulled over your boots. As with all outdoor activities, the onion-skin principle is also recommended, as well as a change of clothes. This keeps you flexible and well prepared for most situations.


Our snowshoe package:

As part of booked snowshoe packages, we cater for the individual fitness levels and wishes of our guests on day tours. A mountain railway, snowmobile transfer or taxi ride is used to cover the distance and metres in altitude in order to get particularly close to the natural sites. Snowshoeing is not always effortless, but the impression made on such highlight day tours through alpine terrain leaves impressions that may stay with you forever.


Weekly snowshoe hikes at the Hofgut:

Host Alois Wurzenrainer is a certified mountain hiking guide and qualified running coach. Once a week, he takes our guests on a free half-day tour of the snow-covered mountains of Wagrain as part of the weekly programme.

Depending on the weather and snow conditions, there are of course a variety of options. Alois likes to take the route through the Öbrist and Schickenreitwald forests towards Ginau. The moderately steep terrain is ideal for a snowshoe tour and offers wonderful views of the Wagrain valley. The start is at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level. Depending on the variant chosen, the tour is 4-5 km long, with an ascent of only approx. 120 metres and a descent of approx. 400 metres. The destination is the “Jausenstation Grub” for local delicacies.

The tour and the hire equipment are free of charge for our hotel guests. The cost of the taxi (2 journeys, start and destination different) is € 18,00.


Popular snowshoe hikes in Wagrain/Kleinarl:







Disclaimer for GPX data, terms of use for trails and tours.
The use of all data provided by Hofgut Touristik GmbH is at your own risk. All paths and tours have been researched to the best of our knowledge (either by taking data from various portals or by tracking a hiking guide) and are to be understood as suggestions. The actual situation or usability of the paths and terrain can always change temporarily or permanently due to natural events, owners and structural changes. All prohibitions, instructions and signposting on site must be observed. For winter tours, the avalanche reports must always be taken into account. Please ask a trained mountain guide at the Hofgut about this. No liability is accepted for any accidents or damage of any kind on any legal grounds.


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